UPDATE: 19:30pm on Friday 20th March, 2020.  

  • From the governments latest statement, they appear to be ‘ordering’ all pubs, clubs and restaurants to close tonight. It is unclear if this announcement is to also apply to hotels and other wedding venues. Please get in touch with your wedding venue to see if this affects your upcoming wedding. 

UPDATE: 12.30pm on Friday 20th March, 2020.  

  • If you need to reschedule your wedding, We can work together to find a date that I’m available. Please get in touch by, email, facebook messenger or call me.


first and foremost

I want to first make my priorities clear. My absolute stance is that the safety and wellbeing of any vulnerable people are paramount. This isn’t a post about how you yourself can stay safe and keep your loved ones well, and I would recommend everybody follows the advice given by the authorities on what they should do next. If the current advice states that certain people should be isolated, whether this is vulnerable people or people showing certain symptoms, then it should be followed and a wedding should not come before the health of these people. 

My Current Stance

That being said, the current advice is that social occasions (such as weddings) are free to go ahead. For that reason, it is business as usual for me. I will be attending all of my bookings as planned. 

In the event of a lockdown, or unique circumstances mean a postponed Wedding

I’m hoping that we will be able to carry on attending and, in your case, hosting weddings until this outbreak has passed. Unfortunately, nobody can foresee how serious the isolation procedures will be. If you need to postpone your Wedding because of a government lockdown or because your particular wedding has unique circumstances (for example, close family need to travel from abroad), then you will not lose your money. This is providing we work together to ensure that I am available on the new date of your wedding. I urge my couples who may need to change their wedding to a later date, to get in touch with me, so that they can choose a date with their venue which I am available for. I hope this situation is rare, and as things stand right now, this will not need to be the situation for the vast majority of weddings. 

Precautions I’m taking

  • I have an agreement in place with other Wedding Photographers. We have agreed to cover for each other, if we were to be in isolation or sick. I would receive the files from them, so that the editing is in my usual style. If he was to be working already on any of the dates, I am part of a community of Wedding Photographers around the region who have all agreed the same terms… So that if any of us are unable to cover our own weddings, our clients will still have a professional photographer at their wedding. 
  • As per the current advice, I am being ‘overly clean’. On any wedding day I may nip off to wash my hands more frequently than normal, especially if my work has involved me touching surfaces that might not have recently been cleaned. 
  • At weddings, I will be refraining from close contact as much as I can. I often come into contact with a lot of people at weddings, either through hand-shaking, photobooths, hugging, buffets, selfies, etc. Please don’t be offended if I politely choose not to participate in this. 
  • I’ve bought loads of toilet paper, obviously.

Tips for your wedding


Ask your venue to provide sanitation stations at every entrance, The beginning of buffet lines, and the dance floor.

Also, ask them to sanitise your reception space and ceremony chairs–Especially if there was an event the day before yours. Sanitiser is hard to come by right now, so your venue might not have access to these things. But it doesn’t hurt to ask!


Get a final headcount. A week before your wedding round up your friends and family to reach out to every guest who RSVP’d that they would attend to make sure their answers are still the same. Things change so rapidly as the virus spreads; they might be taking extra precautions or unable to make it to the wedding. Assure them that it’s okay for them to stay home, especially if they’re over 60.


Add live streaming to your wedding for guests who can’t make it! This would be something to add to your conversations over phone calls and texts when you’re checking on a guest’s RSVP so they know they can still watch from home.


Once you have a better idea of who’s coming to your wedding contact your venue and/or caterers (having a wedding planner comes in HANDY!) and let them know your number changes. Venues are often in charge of setting up tables for your seating layout, and obviously caterers need to know so they can bring the right amount of food and have less go to waste.


While you’re finalising the seating arrangement for your reception, seat less guests per table so there is a little more distance for each person. And if you have the room, make sure there are extra tables so your guests can really spread out. Covid-19 is a contact virus but can easily spread through a cough, sneeze, or laugh. So the more space the merrier.


Consider having your meal plated and served. Buffets are great but can also be a pit of germs (If your budget doesn’t allow for plated dinners have someone is at the beginning of the buffet line making sure every guest gets a pump of hand sanitiser).


Try to avoid hugging, especially those who are over 60. You could unknowingly be carrying covid-19 (or the flu) to them. I know this is hard because we are a bunch of HUGGERS, but when you’re giving your couples toast at dinner let tell them how much you appreciate them being there and let them know you’ll be first-bumping, peace-signing, or elbowing them later.


Consider wrapping up your reception a little earlier. I know some of you have been looking forward to your crazy dance party, but the more alcohol your guests consume, the more germs fly!


Attach a travel-sized hand sanitiser bottle to the back stems of the bouquets! Have the guys put theirs in their inner coat pocket (We don’t need any pant bulges in your wedding photos). You can buy Travel-sized bottles and fill them with Hand sanitiser (one of your bridesmaids or parents is BOUND to have one of those gigantic bottles of hand sanitiser)